Bên cạnh phần học chính, bạn cũng nên giải trí với tiếng Anh bằng cách nghe các chương trình truyền hình, bài nói và bài học cuộc sống thông qua các video SEAD đã chọn lọc sẵn cho bạn.
Unit 80: …The End.

Unit 80: …The End.

Put the verbs in parentheses ( ) in the correct tenses, then act out the conversation.

A: Where. . . (are) you yesterday? I phoned last night but you. . . (aren’t) home.

B: I. . .(go) to the movies.

A: Oh, really? What. . . (do) you see?

B: I. . . (see) The Last Buffalo. Have you. . .(see) it?

A: No, I haven’t.. . . (Is) it good?

B: Yes, it was. It’s the best movie I’ve. . .(see) this year.

Complete the spaces with “anybody”, “no one”, “somebody”, and “anything”, then act out the conversation.

C: There’s. . .at the door!

D: Can’t you answer it?

C: No, I can’t. I’m in the shower. I’m not wearing. . .!

D: OK, I’ll answer it.


C: Who was it?

D: . . ..

C: What do you mean? I heard the doorbell.

D: Well, I opened the door, but there wasn’t. . . there.

Complete the spaces, then act out the conversation.

E: . . .I borrow $20? The check from my parents hasn’t. . .yet.

F: I’m very. . .. I can’t lend you. . .money. I’m broke.

E: What can I do? I need. . .money. I. . .to go to the supermarket.

F: Why. . .you ask Tammy? She. . .has some money.

E: OK. Thanks.

This is a postcard from a store in Florida. Use it, and choose the best message for you.

It’s EASY! Circle the best sentences for you, address the postcard on the other side, buy a stamp, and send it home!


I’ve missed you/home/the family/my dog a lot/very much/pretty much/a little this week.

This hotel is the best/worst/biggest/ugliest I have ever stayed in.

The hotel food is not as good as/worse than/better than/more expensive than the food at home. I like/don’t like/love/hate it here.

Yesterday, I went to a theme park/a shopping mall/a swimming pool/a library and went on some rides./bought souvenirs./went swimming./read a book.

All/None/Some/A few of the people here are very friendly./nice./rich./suntanned.

I’ll write to you next week./tomorrow./soon./one day.

Lots of love,/Love,/Best wishes,/Regards,


Write a postcard like this one, but use your ideas.

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