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Unit 20: Our town

Unit 20: Our town

Activity 1. Look at these facts. Which ones are about St. Augustine and which ones are about Denver?

  • Its on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Its near the Rocky Mountains.
  • It’s a modern city (first houses in 1858).
  • Its an old town ( built 1565, the first town in North America).
  • There are a lot of old Spanish buildings.
  • Its 1,600 meters above sea level.
  • There are some beautiful old churches.
  • There are some military bases in the city.
  • Its very cold in winter.
  • It has a population of half a million.
  • It’s a cencer for winter sports.
  • You can find gold and silver in the area.
  • It has a large airport.
  • The weather is hot in the summer, warm in winter.
  • There are two rivers in the city.
  • There’s an old Spanish fortress.
  • Tourism is very important in this small town.
  • There are two universities and a lot of colleges in the town.
  • It has a population of around 12,000.
  • It’s the state capital of Colorado.

Activity 2. Ask yourself and answer:

  1. Does Denver have a population of 12,000?
  2. Can you find gold near St. Augustine?
  3. Are there a lot of old Spanish buildings in Denver?
  4. Which city would you like to visit? Denver or St. Augustine? Why?

Activity 3. Say 10 facts about your town.

Activity 4. Write a postcard from your town.

Language focus

Describing places

It’s on/near/next to/behind/in front of + [the Atlantic Ocean./the Rocky Mountains.]

It’s + [a modern city./an old town.]

It’s + [1,600 meters above sea level.]

You can [find gold and silver in the area./hear jazz music everywhere.]

The [river/food] is [really wide./excellent.]

There are + [a lot of old Spanish buildings./some beautiful old churches./some military bases in the city.]

It’s + [very cold in winter.]

It has [a large airport.]

It has a population of [half a million.]

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